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Refrigerator Recycling Line

People may not realize that old refrigerators or freezers consume much more electricity (2 to 4 times) than today’s newer, higher efficient models. Replacing an old refrigerator or freezer can help you save much on electricity bills. The thrown- away refrigerators or freezers not only take up large space in landfills, but also release harmful chemicals such as refrigerant, mercury which will pollute the environment. It makes good sense to recycle old refrigerators or freezers properly. Refrigerator recycling line is a complete machinery line especially designed for recycling refrigerator.

In specialized appliance recycling facility, the collected waste refrigerators and freezers will be firstly disassembled, and then the hazardous components are removed and properly disposed. The rest components including metal, plastic, and glass are recovered by shredding, separation and sorting.

A typical refrigerator or freezer recycling line includes following equipments:

Conveyor: for feeding refrigerator shell into shredder
Double Shaft Shredder: for primary size reduction
– Conveyor: for transporting shredded pieces to next equipment
Granulator: for further size reduction of the plastic fractions
– Conveyor: for conveying granulated pieces to next equipment
– Magnetic Separator: for separating ferrous metal
– Eddy-Current Separator: for separating non-ferrous metal
– Dust Removal: for removing and collecting dust during size reduction processes
– The reclaimed ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, plastic and glass are then further delivered to specialized metal, plastic, and glass recycling centers respectively for converting into raw material

Shredder plays a very important role for the recovery of old refrigerators, including primary shredding and secondary shredding. PROSINO is a top brand for various types of shredding and granulating equipment. Our double-shaft shredders are very good solution for shredding scrap refrigerator shells, and our small to big sized granulators are widely used for the secondary size reduction of the plastic shreds. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your recycling project in detail, and recommend you the most suitable solution which best fits your needs. You can know more about us and our range of size reduction machinery by visiting

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