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Computer Scrap Shredder Machine

Recycling is environmentally friendly solution to prevent hazardous waste from entering atmosphere, waterway or landfill. Also it is a resource saving action to recover many valuable sources for secondary raw materials. Computer scrap has many materials which are available for recycling or reuse. For example, computer components often contain tin, silicon, iron, aluminum, gold, copper, tantalum, silver, platinum, Palladium and lead as well as other valuable materials. Also there are a variety of plastics in computer shell and other components. So computer scrap recycling and material recovery make great sense to both environment and natural resource. To promoting the recycling industry, cost effective and efficient waste recycling machines like computer scrap shredder machines are important.

What kind of computer scrap can be recycled?

In the market, there are many recyclers who professionally purchase all kinds of scrap computers for recycling. You can send them whole non repairable computer or separate parts. For example, you can sell them motherboards, circuit boards, mainframe boards, backplanes, daughter cards, memory/RAM, CPU chips, IC chips, capacitors, rectifiers, computer fingers, gold pins, gold connectors, military circuit boards and aviation circuit boards etc.

Computer scrap shredder in computer scrap recycling process

Computer scrap recycling has many processes including sorting, shredding, separating and further shredding etc. So computer scrap shredder is an essential size reduction during whole recycling process. Since computer scrap contains so many different items with different materials, it is important to choose the right shredder or granulator to suit the material and meet final size in each step.

PROSINO computer scrap shredders

PROSINO brand size reduction machines have several type of computer scrap shredder machines for wide options. For example, our double shaft shredder design is a perfect machine to reduce the size of all kinds of E-waste. Contact PROSINO team to find your best suitable computer scrap shredder.

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