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Single Shaft Shredder – Dual Motor

  • Single Shaft Shredder – Dual Motor
Size reduction for molding plastic, purgings, cardboard, wood, E-waste etc.

Prosino Dual-motor Single Shaft Shredder (PS-S series) is aslo popular as two-motor single rotor shredder or dual-motor one shaft shredder. It is a multi-purpose shredding machine which can be available for shredding a wide range of material including plastic, rubber, wood, paper and animal bone etc. Designed with a high-speed rotary cutter along with a hydraulic-driven movable press-plate of cutter, this industrial shredder makes the shredding job done in a super efficient and effective way. The rotary cutter is reversible and controlled by PLC system, which well protects the shredding equipment when some stubborn material gets stuck in the shredding chamber.  Operation of this single shaft shredder for sale is straight-forward, just pressing the buttons on the control panel to control every movement. And “auto mode” can be available on the control panel for automatic operation to increase working efficiency and meanwhile save labor.

Shredding Application For Single Shaft Shredder for Sale: 

Plastic: PET bottle, HDPE container, plastic bucket, plastic pipe, packing barrel, bumpers, dashboards, molding plastic, purgings, TV/computer shell, plastic pallet

Rubber: rubber sheet, rubber pad, car tires, rubber tube, rubber seals

Paper Waste: cardboard, newspaper, office paper, kraft paper, paper core, cardboard tube, paper packaging material

Wood: lumber, wooden pallets, furniture, tree branches, wooden frame

Electronics: circuit board, hard disk, computer cases

Electric Waste: Cable, electric elements, household appliance, office appliance

Textile: window curtain, used clothes, carpet, rag

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Model Hopper Inlet Active rotor diameter Main motor power Weight(approx)
Length Width

1550 mm

(61 inch)

2500 mm

(98 inch)

ø600 mm

(ø23.6 ")

2 * 75 kw

(2 * 100 HP)

12500 kg

(27500 lbs)


1550 mm

(61 inch)

3000 mm

(118 inch)

ø600 mm

(ø23.6 ")

2 * 110 kw

(2 * 150 HP)

15500 kg

(34100 lbs)


1550 mm

(61 inch)

4000 mm

(157 inch)

ø600 mm

(ø23.6 ")

2 * 132 kw

(2 * 175 HP)

18000 kg

(39600 lbs)

Main Features

arrow feature Big-volume hopper
For efficient feeding and applicable to be connected with in-feed conveyor
arrow feature Replaceable screen at the outlet
For controlling shreds under required size. Size of screen hole is customizable
arrow feature Hydraulic-driven press plate
To tightly hold the objects close to the rotary cutters for efficient shredding
arrow feature Owns both rotating cutters and stationery cutters
For effective shredding. Easy maintenance.
arrow feature PLC control
Making it easier for fault diagnosis and maintenance
arrow feature Cooling system
For effectively cooling down oil temperature in high ambient temperature so as to protect machine
arrow feature Dual motor design
For increasing the output