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Air Extraction & Collection System

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  • • Sturdy and resilient construction
  • • Large air-flow
  • • Convenient and efficient for material collection
  • • Small footprint
  • • Dust removal device is for option


This cyclone-type material collection device is widely applied in shredding and granulating sites for the convenience and efficiency of final material collection. With this device connected at the output port of shredder or granulator, the shredded material will be directly blown into the hopper of this system through a pipe and then dropped into a bag that is attached underneath the hopper. For granulating light material like paper, film, etc, this device is extremely necessary, otherwise without the sucking force from this system, the material may even have difficulty dropping off from the granulating equipment. In addition, this cyclone system can help keep the work site clean and in order, as shredded material will no longer fly here and there.

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Plastic bags, plastic tubes etc.


This air extraction & collection system can be customized based on the final products from your shredder or granulator.

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