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Vertical Single Shaft Pipe Shredder

  • Vertical Single Shaft Pipe Shredder
  • Vertical Single Shaft Pipe Shredder
Size reduction for long or thick plastic pipes

Prosino PS-S-VP Series single shaft pipe shredder, also known as vertical single shaft pipe shredder or simply vertical pipe shredder, is particularly designed for shredding various types of pipes and tubes, such as PE pipes, PVC pipes, PP pipes, ABS pipes, rubber tubes, long paper cores, etc.. This plastic pipe single shaft shredder is the ideal choice for shredding long, thick or large diameter pipes.

Attributed to its movable hopper, the pipes are travelling along with the movement of the hydraulic ram and thus are pushed closely to the cutting rotor for thorough and efficient shredding. The hydraulic ram pressure and timing can also be tailored to suit different materials. This plastic pipe single shaft shredder consists of rotary cutters and stationary cutters which work together to complete shredding materials. Rotor’s four edges can be used in turn for long service. Different rotor configurations are for your choices to meet different materials. For example, you can choose high performance rotor or hard materials rotor depending on your shredding materials. We also have different design of knife holders to suite different materials’ requirements.

Operation of this single shaft pipe shredding machine is also quite easy and straightforward. Under AUTO mode, this pipe shredder machine works fully automatically and the cutting rotor can automatically reverse once material gets stuck in the shredding chamber. The combination of advanced controls, low speed rotary cutter, ideal rotor configuration and smooth hydraulics create a reliable and easy pipe shredding system.

Vertical Single Shaft Pipe Shredder Application:

1. Plastic pipes: PE pipe, PVC pipe, PP pipe, ABS pipe, large diameter HDPE pipe
2. Rubber tubes & pipes
3. Paper cores/tubes

Choose from our various pipe shredder models available, or contact us for a customized pipe size reduction solution.  View more plastic pipe shredders and granulators.  View more plastic balers if you need.

Model Hopper Inlet Active rotor diameter Main motor power Weight(approx)
Length Width

600 mm

(24 inch)

550 mm

(22 inch)

ø270 mm

(ø10.6 ")

22 kw

(30 HP)

2200 kg

(4840 lbs)


690 mm

(27 inch)

520 mm

(20 inch)

ø400 mm

(ø15.7 ")

30 kw

(40 HP)

4000 kg

(8800 lbs)


840 mm

(33 inch)

700 mm

(28 inch)

ø400 mm

(ø15.7 ")

37 kw

(50 HP)

4800 kg

(10560 lbs)


920 mm

(36 inch)

880 mm

(35 inch)

ø400 mm

(ø15.7 ")

45 kw

(60 HP)

5300 kg

(11660 lbs)


1080 mm

(43 inch)

1100 mm

(43 inch)

ø400 mm

(ø15.7 ")

55 kw

(75 HP)

6000 kg

(13200 lbs)

Main Features

arrow feature Movable hopper
To push the long pipes closely to the cutting rotor for effective shredding along with the movement of the hydraulic ram.
arrow feature Screen installed at the outlet
To control the shredded particles below certain size. Size of scree mesh can be customized.
arrow feature Hydraulic-driven press plate
To push the objects closely to the cutting rotor for efficient shredding.
arrow feature Independent quadrate blades
Easy to be replaced or switched on installation side for further use.
arrow feature PLC control
Making it easier for fault diagnosis and maintenance.
arrow feature Cooling system
For effectively cooling down oil temperature in high ambient temperature so as to protect machine.