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Silent Granulator

  • Silent Granulator
  • Silent Granulator
Size reduction for plastics and corrugated board trims


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PROSINO silent granulators/crushers are one of the most popular equipment in our product range. Attributed to its low speed operation and the dual-layer construction of the body shell, this series machine runs silently with the noise level of only 75dB more or less. Standing next to it, you won’t have the feeling of being bothered by the operation at all. For those facilities who are bothered by the large noise generated by normal granulators, this silent granulator is a great “saviour”.  No matter processing rigid products or soft products, this granulator always works in a quiet way.

Besides the sound-proof feature, this series granulators also have a few other advantages compared to a normal granulator. It has timing function that provides much flexibility for users to choose a suitable time to have the machine automatically started or stopped. If connecting with a blowing system for output material collection, the bottom hopper is attached hermetically to the machine chamber that not only helps reduce noise but also keep environment dust free.

This silent granulator can be applied in many fields of recycling. Plastic products manufacturers can use it for crushing extrusion purgings or injection runners; rubber products manufacturers can use it for granulating scrap rubber generated during production; cardboard plants can use it to crush the board trims and offcuts.

Granulating Application For Silent Granulator:

Plastic: Plastic bottles, injection runners, extrusion purgings, plastic film

Paper: Corrugated PP trims, corrugated board trims

Rubber: Hoses, rubber tubes, rubber seals, rubber sheet

Choose from our various models available, or contact us for a customized crushing solution.

Model Hopper Inlet Active rotor diameter Main motor power Weight(approx)
Length Width

310 mm

(12 inch)

310 mm

(12 inch)

ø180 mm

(ø7 ")

2.2 kw

(3 HP)

160 kg

(352 lbs)


420 mm

(17 inch)

310 mm

(12 inch)

ø180 mm

(ø7 ")

3.7 kw

(5 HP)

200 kg

(440 lbs)


400 mm

(16 inch)

400 mm

(16 inch)

ø200 mm

(ø8 ")

7.5 kw

(10 HP)

500 kg

(1100 lbs)

Main Features

arrow feature Low noise of only 75dB more or less during operation
arrow feature Blades can be sharpened for repeatable use
arrow feature Timing function is available for user to set a desired time for automatically stopping the machine  If connecting with a blowing system for output material collection, timing function is also available with the blowing system
arrow feature Two options of material collecting way are available: with a collection tray situated underneath the machine or connected with a blowing collection system