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PP Ton Bag

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• High-strength polypropylene (PP) construction • Suitable for packaging a wide variety of materials • Moisture-proof and weather-resistant • Uniform size makes it easy and convenient to store and transport • Ideal for packaging many bales into one secure bag


The PP Ton Bag is a soft, flexible transport packaging container. In addition to being firm and secure, it is moisture-proof, dust-free and radiation-resistant. The processes of loading and unloading are made significantly easier and more convenient with the PP Ton Bag. The most common uses for this polypropylene sack are for packing  powdered, granular, lumpy soft pieces such as feed, seed, fertilizers, flour, foodstuffs, rice husks, peanut shells, chopped straw or hay, sawdust or even plastics. The PP Ton Bag is an ideal packing bag for packing many bales into one bag, whether compressed bales were made from a heavy-duty bagging baler, vertical bagging baler, or horizontal briquetting baler. Its uniform size allows for easy loading and unloading during transportation, either by truck or ocean liner.



Size 930 x 930 x 1300mm
Weight 2.2kg/pc
Material weight 180gsm
Meterial PP
Weight capacity 1T
MOQ 500pcs
Lead time 15days

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