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Integrated Shredding and Granulating Unit

What is Shredding & Granulating Integrated Unit?

The Integrated Shredding and Granulating Unit is a piece of bi-task equipment that does both shredding and granulating work in one machine.  It plays the two roles consistently, firstly rough shredding and right after crushing into smaller and uniform granules. The size of the final granules is decided by the size of the mesh hole installed at the outlet of the machine, thus buyers can choose proper size of mesh hole to meet the actual need. The smaller size of the mesh hole, the smaller productivity it will generate. Hence, two factors needs to be taken into consideration when choosing size of mesh hole, one is the desired granule size and the other is the desired productivity.

This bi-ability shredding & granulating integrated machine is very widely used in various recycling fields, including recycling plants of paper, plastic, wood, rubber, so on and so forth. It well suits facilities like RDF (refused derived fuel) plants, MRF plants etc.  A large percentage of our daily wastes as well as industrial wastes are of quite big size and some are even quite stubborn material, and if crushing such material with a granulator directly, the material will very easily get stuck inside the cutting chamber of the granulator and also the efficiency is low. That is why it needs a shredding machine to do the rough shredding prior to the granulating process.

Compared to the traditional way of installing both a shredder and a separate granulator to do the same job, this integral unit not only saves you on the cost of equipment itself, but also saves footprint as well as reducing long term maintenance work.

Do you know PROSINO Integrated Shredding and Granulating Unit?

PROSINO range of Integrated Shredding & Granulating Unit equips a single-shaft shredding rotor at the loading chamber as well as a set of granulating blades underneath the loading chamber. Both the shredding blades and granulating blades adopt high-resistant steel, having long lifespan and also capable of handling both soft and hard material.  There are several standard models of this integrated unit available in PROSINO, ranging from capacity of  200kgs/h to 700kgs/h.

Beyond the standard models, we can also customize bigger or even smaller models to suit your actual demand of shredding throughput. Customization on mesh-hole size is also available by PROSINO to meet user’s demand on final-shred size and also to reach the desired shredding output. Cooling system is one of the standard configuration of PROSINO Integral shredding/granulating unit for cooling down the temperature of hydraulic oil, making this machine suitable to be used in almost any area around the world and any season around the year.

This comprehensive equipment by PROSINO in fact can be considered as a combination of a single-rotor shredder and a granulator. It is mostly used in the recycling fields of plastic and rubber. For example, recycling purgings – plastic wastes generated by injection/extrusion machines, the in-built single-rotor shredder firstly shreds/shaves the big block of plastic waste into thin flakes and then the flakes goes into the granulating device to be further grinded into small articles for the convenience of next step of recycling.

At Sinobaler Machinery, we can help decide which model of the Integrating Shredding & Granulating machine according to your requirements. We can also customize or upgrade the machine to meet your specific demand. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you in detail about your actual requirements, and will then recommend a most ideal solution to suit your project. View more size reduction machines.

Prosino PSC-S series Shredding & Granulating Integrated Unit is an integrated machine that combines shredding and granulating/crushing in one comprehensive unit. This equipment is advantaged with its bi-ability. The in-built single-shaft shredding device firstly does the rough shredding and the in-built granulating/crushing device right after crush the relatively big shreds into small granules. Instead of the traditional way of using a shredding machine and a separate granulating machine to the same above job, this integrated unit not only saves financially in terms of[..]