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Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm

  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
  • Single Rotor Shredder – Swing Arm
Shred plastic film, cardboard, wood, woven bag etc.


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PROSINO PS-S-B series Single Rotor Shredders are heavy duty size reduction machines suitable for processing a wide variety of materials including plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, textile, etc. Different from traditional single shaft shredder which is equipped with a horizontal hydraulic pusher, this swing arm type single rotor shredder adopts a hydraulic-driven swing pusher which automatically forces material towards the cutting rotor for achieving the most efficient size reduction performance.

A replaceable screen is mounted underneath the cutting rotor for controlling the shredded material below the screen mesh size. The rotary cutter features with auto reverse function which kicks in anytime in case of some stubborn material or excessive quantities of material that cannot be shredded. This automatic reverse function not only protects machine itself from overloading and breaking, but also guarantees a continuous and streamlined shredding operation. Controlled by PLC system, operation of this single rotor shredding machine is straight-forward, simply press buttons on control panel to control every movement. And “auto mode” can be available for automatic operation to increase working efficiency and meanwhile save labor.

See how swing-arm shredder is working in RDF line and how it connects to granulator and baler in whole production line.

Shredding Application For Single Rotor Shredder:

Plastic: plastic film, plastic woven bags, drum/barrel, plastic pallet, TV/computer shell, plastic pipes, purgings

Rubber: rubber sheet, rubber pad, car tires, rubber tube, rubber rolls, rubber seals

Paper Waste: cardboard, newspaper, office paper, kraft paper, paper core, cardboard tube, paper packaging material

Wood: lumber, wooden pallet, wooden boards, wooden sheet, tree branches

E-waste: circuit board, hard disk, waste computer/TV, cable, electric elements, household appliance, office appliance

Textile: curtain, used clothes, quilt, carpet, rag, waste car-seat

PROSINO Shredder offers a wide range of shredding machines for your unique waste recycling purpose. Contact us today and let us help to recommend the best suitable shredding machine just for you. View SINOBALER baling machines.

Model Hopper Inlet Active rotor diameter Main motor power Weight(approx)
Length Width

2000 mm

(79 inch)

1550 mm

(61 inch)

ø480 mm

(ø18.9 ")

75 kw

(100 HP)

6500 kg

(14300 lbs)


2000 mm

(79 inch)

1850 mm

(73 inch)

ø480 mm

(ø18.9 ")

90 kw

(125 HP)

8500 kg

(18700 lbs)


2000 mm

(79 inch)

2300 mm

(93 inch)

ø480 mm

(ø18.9 ")

2 * 55 kw

(2 *75 HP)

10500 kg

(23100 lbs)


2000 mm

(79 inch)

2850 mm

(112 inch)

ø480 mm

(ø19 ")

2 * 90 kw

(2 * 125 HP)

12500 kg

(27500 lbs)

Main Features

arrow feature Hydraulic-driven swing pusher
To push the objects close to the rotary cutters to achieve efficient shredding performance
arrow feature Screen mesh mounted at the outlet
For controlling the output granules below certain size. Size of the screen mesh can be customized according to your need
arrow feature Easy replacement of blades
For minimizing downtime and promoting work efficiency
arrow feature Blades can be repeatedly used for 4 times by changing the fixing side
Greatly saving operation cost and reducing downtime
arrow feature Blades made of high-resistant steel
Ensures longest usage times
arrow feature PLC control
Making it easier for fault diagnosis and maintenance
arrow feature Rotor Auto-reverting Function
To protect machine when material gets stuck in the cutting chamber
arrow feature Cooling system
For cooling down hydraulic-oil temperature in high ambient temperature, ensuring machine running in good condition
arrow feature Easy operation
Simply press the buttons on the control panel to control every movement, and “auto mode” can be selected on the control panel for fully automatic operation