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Wood Pallet Shredder

  • Wood Pallet Shredder
  • Wood Pallet Shredder
  • Wood Pallet Shredder
  • Wood Pallet Shredder
  • Wood Pallet Shredder
  • Wood Pallet Shredder
Especially design for the size reduction for wood pallets


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PROSINO PS-S-WP-1300 model wood shredder (also called wood chipper), is particularly constructed for shredding wood pallets and other wood scraps into wood chips for fuel use. It is a single-shaft machine with its cutting rotor running in high speed, taking only 2 minutes or so to have a wood pallet completely chipped.

The machine has 40 rotating cutting blades installed on the rotor which are intended for a two times’ utilization – Once one cutting face gets blunt, user can dismount the blade and turn to another face to install back. There are also 3 stationary cutting blades fixed at the machine’s structure, to collaborate with the rotating blades. The screen mesh is mounted nearby the output port of the machine to control the wood chips within certain size.

The machine has no power-driven feed mechanism to pull down the shredding material but simply utilizing chipping material’s own weight to have it fed towards the shredding unit, which is most power-saving and environment friendly. Surely the machine’s cutting unit is driven by an electric motor.

Along with the shredder itself, we also equip an auger conveyor underneath the output port of the shredder for the convenience of receiving the wood chips. Besides the horizontal auger conveyor that receives the chips, there is another inclined auger conveyor which is intended to receive the wood chips transferred from the horizontal conveyor and thereafter convey out the material into a suitable area nearby or drop to some container. The auger conveyors are driven by electric motor too.

Wood Pallet Shredder Application

Wood pallets, wood boards, wood sheets, wood bricks, tree branches, and other wood waste of suitable sizes.

Model Hopper Inlet Active rotor diameter Main motor power Weight(approx)
Length Width

1200 mm

(47 inch)

200 mm

(8 inch)

ø300 mm

(ø12 ")

22kw + 2 * 1.5 kw

(30HP + 2 * 2 HP)

2600 kg

(5720 lbs)

Main Features

arrow feature Self-weight feed mechanism
Material is pulled down by its self-weight, no consuming any power.
arrow feature Singly mounted rotating blades
Easy and least costly for blades replacement.
arrow feature Reversable cutting rotor
Protecting the machine when material gets stuck inside the chamber.
arrow feature Availability of a screen
Controlling the output wood chips within certain size.
arrow feature Output auger conveyor
Efficiently delivering the wood chips to certain area or into a container.