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What is a Granulator?

Granulator, also popular as crusher or grinder, is size reduction machine used for granulating various materials into small and uniform particle sizes. It is widely used in waste recycling industry, especially in plastic recycling field. Granulator machine is ideal for crushing bulk waste materials such as various scrap plastic products like PET, HDPE, PP, PE, PVC. These waste plastic material normally are in the form of injection/extrusion runners,  plastic pipes, film, PET bottles, HDPE containers, nylon strips or pipes, so on and so forth. Besides used in plastic recycling field, granulator is also available for crushing many other types of waste material such as paper, rubber, etc.

Granulator can be used as standalone equipment. Or you can connect it with a feeding conveyor and even shredding and baling machines to compose production lines. Some heavy-duty granulators with high output rate are quite commonly applied in recycling lines such as RDF line. They are usually positioned behind the shredders as a secondary granulating process to get smaller and uniform-sized articles.

Do you know PROSINO granulator machine?

PROSINO granulators have various models for you to choose. There are mini granulators, medium sized granulators, and large sized granulators. According to what material you are granulating as well as how big output you demand, you can always find an optimal model in PROSINO granulator range to fit your specific need. PROSINO mini granulators are mainly used for crushing small-sized and light material such as PET bottles, HDPE sanitary containers, plastic wares, rubber sheets, etc, featuring with small footprint, low noise and low cost. And it is a good choice for facilities like supermarket, grocery stores, hotel, hospital, small recycling plant, etc.

PROSINO medium & large sized granulators are capable for shredding wider range of material, no matter it is heavy material or even stubborn material, and the most typical advantage of the medium/large sized granulators are its high efficiency and big output. Those heavy duty granulators are mainly installed in facilities like recycling centers, RDF plants, MRF plants, etc, for granulating either plastic material or paper material.

All PROSINO granulators adopt high-resistant blades processed with heating treatment, making it very durable and lasting. And these blades can be sharpened up several times after getting blunt and thus greatly increase its service lifespan and meanwhile save your cost. Chamber of the granulators can be easily opened, allowing convenient access for maintenance or problem shooting.

PROSINO brand has a full range of granulator machine options. Whatever granulating requirements are needed, both on in-stock models, and customized models designed from the ground up to meet your waste recycling needs. The bottom line is, if you have a granulating need, PROSINO granulator machine can fill it.  For more information on granulating machines and granulating systems, please feel free to contact us today. View more size reduction machines.

PROSINO PPC Series granulator is particularly designed for granulating various types of pipes and slats, including various plastic pipes, plastic slats, wood slats, paper tubes, etc. Without pre-cutting. So it is also popular as pipe granulator. This granulator can directly crush long items into small particles. Different designs of blades are available to suit material of different thickness and different hardness. This granulator is built with low-position hopper that is very convenient for feeding material. The installation of the hopper is almost parallel with the[..]

PROSINO silent granulators/crushers are one of the most popular equipment in our product range. Attributed to its low speed operation and the dual-layer construction of the body shell, this series machine runs silently with the noise level of only 75dB more or less. Standing next to it, you won’t have the feeling of being bothered by the operation at all. For those facilities who are bothered by the large noise generated by normal granulators, this silent granulator is a great “saviour”.  No matter processing rigid products or soft products, this granulator always works in[..]

This PS-C-M-L series small sized granulator features with its triangle blades. Compared to the traditional chop type blades, the triangle blade can more easily catch smooth & big or soft & stretching items, such as plastic bottles and containers, soft plastic bags, films, tinfoil, etc, contributed to the three sharp angles on each blade. For small-scale recycling facilities who are processing mainly hollow and soft plastic scraps or manufacturing plants that internally generate those types of waste, this type of granulating machine is ideal choice. Another[..]

PROSINO PS-C-M Series Small Sized Plastic Granulator is also popular as plastic grinder. It features with compact design and small footprint. This is a popular granulating machine mainly used in small-scaled recycling facilities. It is also adopted by some manufacturing plants as a solution of internal waste management. Those small-sized plastic granulator machines are specialized in granulating/crushing small size plastic (soft plastic & hard plastic) and rubber material, including PET bottles, HDPE sanitary containers, nylon, molding sprues, molding runners,[..]

Prosino PS-C series granulator is also referred to as crusher and grinder. It is a high-speed size reduction machine. And it is ideal for granulating materials like plastic bottles/containers, film, plastic pipes, nylon waste, rubber waste, molding plastic (sprues, runners, purgings), cardboard, paper, wood, etc. Being most widely used in plastic and rubber recycling line, these granulators can efficiently cut scrap plastic/rubber items into small and uniform pieces which can then be processed in recycling line or reused for a different purpose. This series of granulating[..]