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PP Woven Bag Washing Line

Polypropylene woven bags or simply known as PP woven bags are ideal packaging solution thanks to their strong, tough and cost-effective features. These plastic sacks are widely used to pack materials for grain, milling, sugar, fodder, chemical, fertilizer industry, as well as other applications like cement, sand, metal parts and concrete etc.

PP Woven bags bring great convenience to storage and logistic processes, but improper disposal of waste woven bags produces harm to the environment which is known as “White Pollution”. White pollution not only affects nature’s beauty but also leads to health hazards. Landfill is not a long term solution, because the degradation cycle of plastics is at least 200 years in general.

Recycling and re-use of plastic woven bags contribute to economic prosperity and continuity through cost savings on raw material and resource conservation. A typical PP woven bag recycling/washing line includes the following components:

Conveyor – for elevated conveying and feeding material into shredder
Shredder – wet shredding for size reduction and washing
Conveyor – for transporting shredded material to next machine
Granulator/Crusher (Optional) – for further size reduction based on required particle size
Screw Washer – for washing and material transportation
Friction washer – for washing material, removing sands and dirt.
Sink/Float Separation Washer – further wash and separate contaminations through density.
Conveyor – for transporting material to next machine
Centrifugal dryer – dewatering of the product
Conveyor – transporting material to next machine
Dewatering machine – remove excessive water through squeezing action
Drying System – drying of the product

PROSINO size reduction machines manufactured by Sinobaler Machinery are good choice for recycling woven bag, which can be incorporated into woven bag washing line or pelletizing line. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your recycling project in detail, and recommend you the most suitable solution which best fit your needs. You can visit our site at

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