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Flexitank Recycling

Flexitank, also referred to as Flexitanque or Flexibag, is a large plastic bag that is designed with filling and discharging valve for transporting nonhazardous bulk liquid inside a standard 20’ container. A variety of nonhazardous liquids can be transported inside flexitank including wine, juice concentrate, liquid latex, edible oil, lubricant, detergent, printing ink, potable water, additives and many more.

Compared with the traditional drums, IBC totes or ISO tanks containers, flexitanks are much easier and more convenient to be filled/discharged and loaded/unloaded, loading capacity is also higher. Furthermore, unlike traditional containers which are re-used repeatedly, these flexible tanks are mostly product dedicated and designed for single-trip use, therefore the risk of cross-contamination is eliminated, also no return load transportation is required which effectively reduce shipping cost.

Flexitanks are manufactured in two different ways, single-layered and multi-layered, they can be made by different plastic materials, but the most typical raw material used is polyethylene which is recyclable. Shredding is a primary step in flexitank’s recycling process. The collected used flexitanks are firstly shredded into small pieces and then further washed and dried. At last, the cleaned pieces is melted down and reprocessed into small pellets or post-consumer resin, which can be used to make a variety of new polyethylene based products.

PROSINO at offers all types of shredding and granulating machines with a wide choice of different cutting knives, screen mesh sizes and output capacity to meet your specific size reduction requirement. Contact us to get an optimal solution for recycling needs.

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