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E-waste Recycling Line

E-waste, also referred to as E-scrap, is electrical or electronic devices that have been discarded. Common types of e-waste are discarded computers, mobile phones, laptops, TVs, fax machines, microwave and toaster ovens, water kettles, radios, vacuum cleaners etc. With the development of the word’s technology and economy, electrical or electronic devices are getting more and more popular among people’s daily life. Nowadays E-waste has become the most rapidly growing segment of the municipal solid waste stream. E-waste recycling becomes a popular topic and it does make sense both from environment and economy.

E-waste is mostly made up of metal (iron, steel, aluminum, copper, gold, silver etc.) and plastic components which are recyclable. It also contains toxic and hazardous materials such as mercury, lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, and others which could pollute the environment if not being disposed properly. Recycling E-waste has multiple benefits like conserving natural resources, save energy, reduce pollution, create jobs, saves landfill space etc.

A typical E-waste recycling line can include following components:

Conveyor: for feeding E-waste to shredder
Double Shaft Shredder: for primary size reduction by shredding the E-waste
Conveyor: for transporting shredded material
Metal Separator: for separating ferrous metal fraction
Eddy Current Separator: for separating non-ferrous metal fraction
Granulator: for further size reduction
Air Table: for further separation of metals from plastic
Material Collector: for collecting material after size reduction

PROSINO is a professional size-reduction machinery manufacturer. We have hundreds models of shredders and granulators available for you to choose. Our double-shaft shredders are typical and very efficient machines for shredding e-waste. Contact us today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your recycling requirements in detail, and recommend you the most suitable solution which best fit your needs of e-waste recycling.

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