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Electronics Shredding Machine

E-waste scrap can be from the end of life products with a cord, power or battery. When it comes to the E-waste recycling, a complete solution of all electrical and electronic equipment plays critical role to improve the recycling efficiency. Electronics shredding machine is one of the essential size reduction equipment in whole recycling process.

Electronics shredding machine in electronic recycling process

When electronic products are at the end of life and become electronic scrap, the best way for consumers to recycle them in a better way is to request a pickup or delivery to professional electronic waste recycling center or service facility. These facilities will do a secure and environmentally safe recycling process using their state-to-the-art recycling equipment. Generally speaking, when they receive the scrap electronic items, they will weigh it and record the weight.

Next stage is to separate the value added stuff and the materials for shredding. In manual table, materials for shredding will be separated manually by removing hazardous components such as backup batteries. Thus it can prevent any possible harmful event in the facility. The separated value added stuff such as steel, aluminum, copper and motherboard are kept separately for market value. Items that go on for shredding are separated into ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Then they go to next step for granulation where granulating most of cables and e-waste for the resale purpose.

Take hard drive for example, a hard drive shredder is responsible for shredding all the hard drives and other sensitive devices into particles. This process needs to make sure it is a secure data destruction process. Then they will move to recycling plant for the separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

PROSINO brand electronic shredding machines

PROSINO brand size reduction machines have a complete line of shredding solutions for electronic scraps. Our typical double shaft shredder is the popular electronic shredding solution in the market. So just contact our PROSINO team to tailor your secure shredding solution case by case.

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