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Foam Scrap Recycling

Foam is one of the most common polymer materials in our life and it is widely used for producing various foam products. While during foam product manufacturing process, Approximate 30% of the foams become scrap after they are cut and shaped into products. If we do not recycle these form offcuts and trims, it will be quite costly for the foam manufacturers to dispose it and also will be a waste of resource. In fact, all these foam scrap can be reused or recycled in good way, generating both environmental and economic benefits. As such, foam scrap recycling becomes more and more popular and important considering the environmental and economical benefits.

Before being recycled, large amount of foam scrap will be compressed into dense and uniform-sized bales using foam balers such as Sinobaler Mill Size Baler or Horizontal Baler. The compressed bales are much easier to be handled and also save transportation cost. These bales of foam scrap will then be shredded into small pieces by a shredding machine. Through further processes like granulating, melting, and jointing etc, the foam scrap will be made into other products like carpet underlay. The small shredded pieces of foam scrap can also be directly used as stuffing material for toys, pillows, cushions, etc.

PROSINO brand products have a wide range of foam shredders and granulators available. Contact us today and one of our friendly sales representatives will discuss with you about your size-reduction requirement and recommend you a best shredding solution.

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