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Jumbo Bag Recycling

Jumbo bag is also called flexible freight bag or space bag which is a kind of soft big container for handling, packing and transporting various dry products or materials usually in forms of powder, granule and flake. Jumbo bags are generally made of polypropylene, polyethylene or other polyester fiber textiles. Due to its features of moisture-proof, dust-proof, radiation resistance and high strength, they are widely used for products such as cement, fertilizer, rice, grains, sand, soil and beans.

After the jumbo bags are used several times, they will become dirty or damaged, and cannot be used any more. Abandon those waste jumbo bags could cause white pollution to the environment as they are difficult to degrade naturally. Recycling the jumbo bags not only protect our environment, but also save energy. During the recycling process, the jumbo bags will be shredded into small pieces by shredder, then through washing and granulating processes they will become new raw materials for reproducing new plastic products. For example, waste jumbo bags can be made into a type of special raw material which is for producing polypropylene tubular product. It only requires adding around 1/5 virgin material when producing polypropylene tubular products; however the performance is the same as producing with 100% virgin material.

Start your jumbo bag recycling now. PROSINO manufactures various shredders. No matter to shred fluffy jumbo bags with small volume, or to shred baled jumbo bags with large volume, PROSINO always has a suitable one for you. Visit our website for shredding machine details. Contact us today and we will recommend you an optimal model to fit your need.

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