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Jumbo Shredder / Jumbo Granulator / Jumbo Crusher

All we know waste recycling is more and more popular in many waste materials. Recycling really makes sense to save natural resources and decrease the landfill. Size reduction process is one of the most important processes in whole recycling process. Waste shredders, granulators, crushers or grinders are common size reduction machines in the market. For some special case or large amount of recycling requirements, jumbo shredder or even super jumbo shredding machine is used for efficient size reduction.


Jumbo Shredder and Jumbo Granulator in PROSINO Size Reduction Machines

PROSINO jumbo shredders come in a variety of sizes and models. For each individual customer needs, PROSINO professional team will tailor the jumbo shredder or even super jumbo shredding machine to meet your specific size reduction requirements. Based on years experiences, we prepares below standard jumbo shredders for your reference:

  1. – Jumbo Single Shaft Shredder

For standard single shaft shredder, model PS-S-60400 is the jumbo shredder which motor power is 132kw(175HP) and machine weight is about 18 tons. This jumbo single shaft shredder has wide applications incl plastics, paper waste, rubber waste, wood waste, E-waste and textile waste.

  1. – Jumbo Double Shaft Shredder

For standard double shaft shredder, model PS-D-61250 is the jumbo shredder which has two motors with motor power 75kw(100HP) of each. The shredding machine weight is about 26 tons. This machine is also applicable for many waste materials.

  1. – Jumbo Granulator

For standard granulator, model PS-C-80240 is the jumbo granulator which has motor power of 250kw(340HP) and machine weight is about 16 tons. This machine is ideal for granulating plastics, rubber waste, paper waste and wood waste.


For some jumbo materials, jumbo shredder or jumbo granulator is the good choice. Sometimes you can also choose to have two smaller size reduction machines instead of one jumbo shredder or jumbo granulator.


Benefits of Jumbo Shredder or Jumbo Granulator

  1. – Normally a jumbo shredder or jumbo granulator is applicable in many waste materials.
  2. – Machine is high profitability and maximum reliability.
  3. – Machine can achieve maximum output and meet large amount of materials purose.
  4. – Knives can be adjusted and tailored.
  5. – Screen can be tailored based on your individual case.
  6. – Machine has precise cutting which is very efficient.
  7. – Machine is easy to operate and has less maintenance.


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