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Cigarette Butts Recycling

In our daily life, smoking is a very common phenomenon and we can find cigarette butts inevitably wherever there are human activities such as roads, parks, bus stations and railway stations. According to NIH, about 4.5 trillion of the cigarette butts are ended up in the environment every year. These cigarette butts are not biodegradable, so they are unable to be degraded quickly in the nature, however they could be lasting for about 15 years.

Cigarette butts contain fatally toxic chemicals which will contaminate the environment when being littered. Recent years, many countries in the world have found ways of recycling these cigarette butts to save energy and protect environment. For example, in China, scientists have found that cigarette filters can be extracted nine different chemicals when dipping them in water and if applying these chemicals to the steel pipes in oil industry, it can avoid corrosion effectively, which can greatly save cost for the oil industry. In Canada and USA, the cigarette butts are sterilized firstly, then shredded by shredder or granulator. These shreds are mixed with other recycling material and made into various plastic products such as pallets, park bench, trash bin and train sleeper.

Cigarette butt is very small-sized item, so when choosing equipment to shred these filters, you could consider a granulator or shredder with very small screen mesh size. PROSINO have shredders and granulators for such kind of application. Contact us today and one of our friendly sales representatives will recommend you suitable model of shredder or granulator to fit your specific requirement.

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