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Tube Shredder

What is Tube shredder?

Tube shredder is a crusher machine that used to shred or granulate tube into small pieces or granulates for recycling. Based on different materials, tube can be divided into plastic tube, paper tube, rubber tube and metal tube. Plastic tubes can be further classified to HDPE tube, LDPE tube ,PP tube and PVC etc. Paper tube can be kraft paper tube and metal tube can be stainless steel tube and copper tube etc.


Why we need to recycle tubes?

When we talked about tube shredder, mostly we refer to the plastic tube shredding machine. The most widely used tube in our lives is HDPE tube. Because of its considerable strength-to-density ratio, HDPE pipes and fittings can be found in many systems calling for corrosion-resistant piping. These applications include food production, water and waste water transportation, natural gas pipelines and fuel systems.

HDPE is non-biodegradable and can take centuries to decompose. So it is imperative that these tubes are recycled and used again. Normally, the HDPE tubes will become small HDPE scraps after shredding by tube shredder. HDPE scrap recycling can greatly help reduce waste disposal costs, and can generate revenues from the sale of recycled HDPE. In addition, HDPE recycling can also reduce the labor costs associated with the handling of HDPE scrap during the waste disposal process. The tube shredder makes the recycling process much easier.


Tube shredder in PROSINO

PROSINO have tube shredders that designed especially for shredding different kind of tubes. You can find vertical single shaft tube shredder or horizontal tube shredder. Or you can find mini granulator for granulating small tubes. Even you can find shredding and granulating unit for both shredding and granulating tubes purpose.

Normally if the length of your tube is under 2m, you can go for the vertical tube shredding machine. If the length of your tube is over 2m, horizontal tube shredding machine will be better. The vertical type is more cost-effective than the horizontal type and it also does not take much space. So vertical tube shredder is preferable. Sometimes if your tube is over 2m, you can find other ways to cut the tube and control the size below 2m. PROSINO also offers the hydraulic cutting machine used to cut the tubes. If you do not care about the investment cost and looking for high capacity machine, the horizontal type will be a perfect choice.


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