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Plastic Dye Tubes Granulator Machine

There are a wide variety of plastic dye tubes available in the market. Because plastic dye tubes have high temperature resistance, high impact strength, high durability, high dimensional stability and high resistance to dyes and chemicals. Many of them are popular in textile industry and cosmetic packaging for mascara, hair dye or lip blam. Plastic dye tubes have different usage life. You can find dye tubes which use for multiple times with medium to high usage life or just for single use only. When these plastic dye tubes are end of their service life, large amount of dye tube scrap are accumulated and waiting for disposal. It is a wise decision to start inhouse recycling for some factories. So a plastic dye tubes granulator is a good help in this case.

The type of plastic dye tubes granulators

Plastic dye tubes granulators has wide options from mini size to large size, or from silent type to normal type. If you only collect few days materials and want to grind them continuously for 2-3 hours in one production lot, mini granulator is ideal for you. Of course, you can choose silent type or normal noise type per your actual working environment and financial budget. Because silent type granulator has much higher cost than that of normal type granulator.

PROSINO plastic dye tubes granulator

PROSINO brand size reduction machines have a wide variety of models available to grind plastic dye tubes. We cover different capacity requirement granulators with different power and sizes for different level customers. Screen size are customizable to achieve your ideal final product size. If you have enough financial budget, we will recommend our silent granulator to let your operator working in a comfortable environment. Also it has timing function to choose the suitable time to let machine work. Different material collection systems are optional. Contact PROSINO team to select your best suitable granulator and model today.

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