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Tyre Tube Crusher Machine

Tyre tube refers to the inner rubber tube which contains air and is inside the tyre such as car tyre, bicycle tyre, or truck tyre. When whole tyre is end of life or becomes a scrap, tyre tube also become a scrap. So tyre tube normally joins the whole tyre recycling process for new rubber products or other solutions. Tyre tube crusher also known as tyre tube shredder and tyre tube granulator is a necessary size reduction machine during whole tyre recycling.

Economic use of recycled tyre inner tubes

There is a complete line of tyre tube shredders and other recycling equipment which can process scrap tyres for recycling and repurposing for a variety of applications. Shredded and further granulated rubber has a variety of applications nowadays. For example, crumb rubber can be for playground surfaces. Rubber powder can be for sports or turf fields. Also rubber powder can be available for manufacturing of molded or extruded rubber parts. Rubberized asphalt can be for paving.

PROSINO tyre tube crusher machines

PROSINO develops tyre tube crusher machines to provide high quality rubber from scrap tyres. We provide cost effective options for shredding tyres into small pieces. During the scrap tyres collection and transportation, a tyre baler is a good help. Then tyre tube shredders, grinders or granulators are excellent size reduction machines to make scrap tyre tubes become smaller. Finally clean and granulated rubber powder will be available after separating, shredding, cleaning and granulating. Final small pieces rubber can have considerable economic value to make new rubber parts or new solutions. This avoids direct landfill with much space occupying. PROSINO tyre tube crushers excel in efficiency, durability and reliability. Contact PROSINO team today to find your own size reduction solution.

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