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Polyethylene Tanks Shredder Machine

What is polyethylene tanks shredder?

Polyethylene tanks shredder is a shredding machine to crush polyethylene tanks into much smaller pieces for easy handling and process. These polyethylene tanks, also popular as poly tanks, have wide applications in many areas such as farms, restaurants, factories, etc. And you can get them very easily from many suppliers and retailers on the market. The polyethylene tanks are with many different sizes and colors. We can choose the polyethylene tanks based on our actual needs. We normally use the polyethylene tanks on farms for easy storage and transportation of water and other liquids such as pesticides and fertilizer.

When the end of the life of the polyethylene tanks is coming up, we need to choose how to dispose of them. Then polyethylene tanks shredding machine can help to shred the polyethylene tanks into very small pieces for further recycling. Even we do not need to recycle the polyethylene tanks, the shredded parts will be more easily for disposal or proceeding in the next step.

How to choose the polyethylene tanks shredder?

Firstly, we need to know the maximum size of the polyethylene tank before shredding. The size of length, width, height, diameter, and thickness are critical to decide which machine is suitable. When we know the maximum size of the polyethylene tank, we can know the size of the feed opening and shredding chamber. After all, we need to make sure the polyethylene tanks can be loaded into the polyethylene tanks shredder and get to the cutting area easily at least.

Secondly, we need to know the volume of the polyethylene tanks you need to handle per day or per hour. The quantity of the polyethylene tanks determines the capacity of the polyethylene tanks shredding machine we need to go for.

Thirdly, we need to know the size of the end product you are expecting. This size determines the screen size of the polyethylene tanks shredding machine.

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