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Water Tank Shredder Machine

Water tanks are different shapes and sizes containers for storing water purpose. The raw materials of tanks are in various materials such as plastics, concrete, stone, fiberglass, and steel etc. So these tanks have very wide applications in many industries such as drinking water, food preparation, plants and livestock, irrigation agriculture and agricultural farming, fire suppression, and chemical manufacturing etc. Generally speaking, plastic water tanks and steel water tanks are more common in our daily life. Both plastic water tanks and steel water tanks are recyclable. When you are ready to recycle such shape and size water tanks, size reduction is the first step you have to do. Water tank shredder machines are good solutions to reduce the size of tanks.

Water tank shredder machines in water tank recycling

Different material water tanks have some differences in their recycling process. But the prior steps are similar. For example, all of them need the size reduction to save cost in transportation and storage. Also size reduction is the necessary step for some materials to produce new products. Take the majority plastic water tanks for example, the original sizes of most of plastic water tanks are big. So it is quite necessary to use a water tank shredder to shred them into small particles for further processing.

PROSINO water tank shredders

PROSINO provides many choices for the size reduction of water tanks. For plastic water tanks, both single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder are available for shredding. But for steel water tanks, double shaft shredder is more suitable due to its lower speed and high-torque cutting shaft. So shredding solutions for different material water tanks should be tailored case by case. When you have water tanks for shredding, please let us know the material and size of original tanks as well as capacity requirements. Our PRISONO team will tailor your case to find the best suitable machine for you within 24 working hours.

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