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Plastic Jerrycan Shredder Machine / Steel Jerry can Shredder

Jerry can also written as jerrycan or jerrican, is a liquid container for fuel or water. In the beginning, it is made of metal and designed for military uses to hold 20L fuel. Later it is developed in plastic jerry cans. Many people in developing countries use it to haul and store the drinking water. Plastic jerry cans weigh much lower than steel jerry cans. Also plastic jerry cans are much cheaper to manufacture and transport. So people all over the world prefer to buy fuel or water for domestic use in plastic jerry cans. But what should we do for created jerry cans scrap? Either plastic jerrycan shredder machine or steel jerry can shredder machine is an efficient size reduction machine in whole jerry cans waste recycling.


How to recycle scrap jerry cans?

Both plastic jerry cans and steel jerry cans are good recyclable materials. Take plastic jerry cans for example, firstly you can use a plastic jerrycan shredder machine to minimize the plastic jerry can waste from 5-25L to about 5-10 cm or below which can make sure no longer empty air space in the jerry can. Then shredded or granulated jerry cans can be further recycled to make new products.


Plastic jerrycan shredder machine or steel jerry can shredder in PROSINO

PROSINO brand size reduction machines offer a complete line of jerrycan shredders. Both plastic jerrycan shredder machine and steel jerry can shredder are available in our product range. From small sized shredder or granulator to heavy duty shredder or granulator, we have many models for your jerry cans size reduction purpose. If you do not have so many jerry cans(for example, 15-30 jerry cans per day) and the final required size is 6-12 cm, our small sized granulator is your ideal choice as it is very cost effective machine. If you have bigger or very large amount of size reduction requirements, our medium and large granulator will be more suitable.


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