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Water Bottle Shredder Machine

We consume huge amount of water bottles every year. Where do these scrap water bottles go finally? Of course, scrap water bottles recycling is the best solution both from economic and environmental benefits. Now the average production of scrap water bottles is about 100,000 tons in each province in China. But only 60% of them are recycled and processed. The processed products are in short supply. Actually a simple water bottle recycling line can be water bottle shredder or granulator, washing machine, rinsing machine and drying machine. The minimum investment is about RMB50,000. The annual investment return can be even RMB180,000. It is a good investment, right?

Water bottles and its applications after recycling

Water bottles consist of bottle caps, labels and bottles. PP is the common material of the caps. Most of the labels are PVC and only few is PP. PET is for the bottles. Water bottle recycling goes through the three main processes of label removal, crushing and cleaning. These processes can separate three materials of the water bottles from each other. Chemical fiber plants collect PET flakes and use them as drawing material. Also it is main material or auxiliary material for toy-filled cotton and fabric textiles.

Water bottle shredder or granulator in water bottle scrap recycling

Due to light weight and big size of water bottles, it is very difficult to transport scrap water bottles directly. So water bottle shredder or granulator is the necessary size reduction machine to crush water bottles into pieces. Then final plastic flakes after cleaning and drying is easy for transportation. Of course, water bottle baler is also important to bale them into dense bales which can save transportation cost further.

PROSINO water bottle shredders and water bottles granulators

PROSINO has several type of water bottle shredder machines and water bottle granulator machines. Double shaft shredders, mini granulators and large size granulators are all suitable for water bottle shredding purpose. Just let us know your shredding requirements in detail and our professional team will recommend the most suitable and cost effective machine for you.