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IBC Tank Shredder Machine

What is IBC tank shredder?

IBC tank shredder is a size reduction machine available for shredding the IBC tank. It normally is heavy duty machine with very big motor power and gearbox. This is due to the features of IBC tank such as the size of the IBC tank, the raw material of the IBC tank etc.. IBC is short for Intermediate Bulk Container. The rigid outer IBC tank is usually made from galvanized tubular steel or iron. The IBC tanks are made of very durable plastic such as woven polypropylene or polyethylene.

The IBC tank has wide applications in transportation such as truck transportation, marine container transportation, and boat transportation etc.. One of the advantages of IBC tanks compared with other containers or drums which also used in transportation is the IBC tanks can be lifted by forklift or pallet trucks. Thus this can improve the efficiency and save the labor cost. IBC tanks have various sizes and shapes. But the most common used volumes are 275 gallons and 330 gallons. Also the most common used dimension of the IBC tank is 48”x 40”x 46” since this size can be perfectly fit on the pallet. 

What are the features of IBC tank shredder?

– High-resistant knives

The blades of the IBC tank shredding machine are made of high strength alloy material. The thickness of the blades various from 40mm-75mm. The blades are very strong and they won’t break easily.

– Big -volume hopper

As mentioned above, the size of the IBC tank normally around 48”x 40”x 46”. So the hopper must be larger than this size to make sure we can feed the tanks into the machine. Otherwise, it will get stuck and the tank could not occluded by the blades.

– High-torque cutting shaft

The high-torque makes the machine running in a low speed. Therefore, the noise of the machine can be relatively low.

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