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Air Cushions Shredder Machine

Air cushion is one kind of soft plastics or film plastics. It is also popular as air pillow and actually you can easily understand it as inflated plastic bag. It is very good to secure goods during the transportation, because people often use the inflated cushion things to fill out the box when they need to deliver goods. With the rapid development of online business, air cushions are in an increasing demand due to the function of protecting goods from damage. But when large amount of scrap air cushions are available, how to recycle them efficient and safely? An air cushions shredder machine is a necessary machine for size reduction.

How to recycle air cushions?

If you have any chance of reusing these air cushions, please go ahead. This is the great solution for used air cushions. When this solution is workable, we can consider tor recycle them efficient and safely.

The collection of scrap air cushions is very important as a recycling start. For easy transportation, a compressing machine can help to reduce the size of air cushions because it can press them to regular tight bales. No matter how you choose to recycle the air cushions, please make sure they do not have any residue from tape or glue. Otherwise, it can contaminate the recycling process. In case you receive biodegradable or compostable air cushions, please pick them out because they are generally not for accepted recycling. After puncturing air cushions to release the air, air cushions recycling process are similar as plastic packaging recycling. That is to shred the air cushions and make plastic pellets for new plastic production.

PROSINO air cushions shredder machines

PROSINO team are actively providing a broad range of shredders for the size reduction of many kinds of materials. From hollow plastic bottles to soft plastic films, we have different shredders and granulators to suit different materials and size reduction requirements. So contact PROSINO team today to tailor your own air cushions shredder machines.

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