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LDPE Film Shredder Machine

LDPE film is a thin sheet of plastic material available for wrapping or covering things. It has wide applications in our daily life. LDPE film products include shopping bags, garment bag, food bag/wrap, bubble wrap, pallet wrap, shrink wrap, paper towel and toilet paper overwrap, airpacks (from shipped packages), agricultural covering film etc. So why should we recycle LDPE film and how LDPE film shredder plays the role in whole LDPE film recycling?

Why should we recycle LDPE film? 

LDPE film products bring great convenience to our daily life. But improper disposal of waste plastic film produces harm to the environment which is widely popular as “White Pollution”. White pollution not only adversely affects nature’s beauty but also leads to health hazards. Landfill is not a long term solution. Because the degradation cycle of current plastics is at least 200 years in general. Thus it makes great sense to recycle LDPE film . 

LDPE film shredder plays an important role in LPDE film recycling 

Shredding is a primary step in LDPE film’s recycling process. The collected waste LDPE films are firstly shredded into small pieces and then further washed and dried. At last, the cleaned pieces is melted down and reprocessed into small pellets or post-consumer resin, which can be used to make a variety of new products like new bags, pallets, containers, crates etc.

Shredders from PROSINO

PROSINO focuses on providing professional size reduction machinery. We offer all types of size reduction machines with a wide choice of different cutting knives, screen mesh sizes and output capacity to meet your specific requirement. For LDPE film shredding, there are many different LDPE film shredder options to suit different capacity and final particle size after shredding. So contact our PROSINO team today and one of our sales representatives will discuss with you about your LDPE film recycling requirements in detail. Then we will recommend you the most suitable solution which best fit your needs.

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