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Plastic Film Crusher Machine

What is plastic film crusher? Simply, it is an important recycling machine to crush waste plastic films into small pieces for easy handling in following process. PE plastic films or PP plastic film are main recycling materials. Others can be LD, HD, PS or BOPP film. The plastic film crushing machine can greatly improve the recycling efficiency.

How to send inquiry and quickly receive the right quote about your ideal plastic film crusher?

Email and E-commerce are more and more popular in today’s world business. So it is quite important to send right and enough information to crusher manufacturer at the first time. For some particular materials, it is better if you can attach some real pictures for easy understanding. Because the sales from crusher manufacturer can only recommend the ideal crusher for you when they collect adequate information.

Take plastic film for example, you need to tell the status of original material such as individual pieces plastic film or plastic films in bundle. The size and shape of original material is one of the key factors to decide crusher’s power and feeding opening. Crushing capacity requirement is also very important to determine the power and size of the crusher. Whether it is a movable type or fixed type machine, it is also an option of the crusher type. The size of final product after crushing is critical to affect the capacity and crusher type selection.

Generally speaking, electrical power can be customized. But sometimes it may affect the quotation if it is not the standard power force. If your factory or facility has height limitation, you should highlight the crusher height in your email or communication with crusher supplier. Also if you want a CIF or even DDU quotation, please have your destination port in your email too.

So send your plastic film crushing requirements to PROSINO team today.

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