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BOPP Film Shredder Machine

There are two forms for PP film. One is CPP and the other is BOPP. BOPP is short for biaxially oriented polypropylene film. BOPP film is one of the most popular used plastic packaging materials due to its high tensile strength, transparency and moisture-proof properties. Can BOPP film be recycled? The answer is yes. BOPP and CPP are equally recyclable. BOPP film recycling stream requires many recycling machines and BOPP film shredder is a must for size reduction purpose.

The importance of BOPP film recycling

BOPP recycling can extend the lifespan of BOPP and avoid vast quantities BOPP end up in landfill and impact environment. When large amount of BOPP films are collected, cost effective and efficient BOPP film recycling can recycle the material, save natural resource and create new working opportunities. So this is of great significance to the environment and the economy.

BOPP film shredder

Collection, separation, size reduction, cleanliness and dryness are key processes in BOPP film recycling. Shredding as a primary size reduction process is quite important in whole process. Plastic film shredders can be either single shaft shredder or double shaft shredder. Different shredder manufacturers may have different shaft rotor and cutter design to suit the best shredding result of specific material. In PROSINO size reduction product range, our swing-arm single shaft shredder and double shaft shredders are ideal to shred soft plastic packaging materials such as BOPP films. Each kind of shredder has some models for different capacity level options. The final BOPP film shredding capacity of each model machine mainly depends on the actual material feeding speed and the original status of material. Loose status and compressed status BOPP films may have quite different shredding capacity result.

If you have any BOPP film shredding requirements, please feel free to contact our PROSINO team for professional advice.

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