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Small Scale Granulator Machine

What is small scale granulator?

Small scale granulator is the machine especially for reducing the size of small amount of materials like plastic, paper, cardboard, fiberglass, rubber, etc. It is an essential machine in the recycling world especially for small scale recycling business. Because this kind of small granulator is with the features of small size, free to move, low noise, power saving, space saving, etc. Accordingly to the scope of applications, you can find the small granulator in household use, office use and industrial use.

The most common small scale granulator in household is for crushing the medicine, pearl, chemical raw materials, food raw materials, etc. The household small granulator is very clean and there are normally no dust when working. The blades of it are made of stainless steel since we normally use it to crush the edible material. The operation and cleaning of the household small granulator is also very easy. So there is no special training for using the machine.

The most common used small granulator in office is the paper granulator. It is mainly available for crushing the confidential documents. Also it can crush the documents into condition like strip, filament, granule, etc. It can also be available for crushing the credit card, VCD, DVD, etc.

Compared with household and office used small granulator, the industrial used machine is bigger. Also it is more powerful and normally working with three phase power supply. The range of applications of this machine is very versatile. It can be available for plastic recycling business to crush the waste PET bottles, plastic films, purging, 3D print waste, etc. It also can be available for mining industrial for crushing the stones, glasses, etc.

Small scale granulator in PROSINO

PROSINO small scale granulators refer to small sized granulators under PS-C-M series. This machine is mainly for handling the plastic material like PET bottles, HDPE containers, molding scraps, etc., rubber material like the tire inner tube, paper material like the cardboard, newspaper, magazine, etc. We have several models with different rotor designs, sizes and motor powers. So you can choose the most cost-effective machine based on the condition of your material before shredding and your requirement on the capacity and size of the end product you expect.

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