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What Shredder to Choose for Small-Scale Recycling Business

PROSINO, as a size reduction shredding and granulating machine manufacturer, we often receive such kind of question from clients who are just starting to run a small-scale recycling business: What shredder to choose for small-scale recycling business?

PROSINO size reduction machinery has a various models of shredders and granulators to suit the size reduction requirements for different waste material and output. For small-scale size reduction purpose, below are some size reduction machinery recommendation for your reference:

1. Small-sized granulator / Mini granulator ( PS-C-M series )
This mini granulator series is very simple in operation and output ranges from 100kg/hr to 600kg/hr with different models. It is ideal to be applied in crushing plastics, rubber and paper. Due to its main application of plastic material, this granulator is also known as plastic granulator. PROSINO has 5 regular models of this mini granulator for your options. This cost-effective and small footprint granulator is your first choice if you are running a small-scale size reduction plant for material like plastic, rubber, paper, etc.

2. Single-motor single shaft shredder ( PS-S series )
If you has wide types of material that need to be shredded, this single-motor single shaft shredder is your ideal option. It is a multi-purpose size reduction machine which can shred plastic, rubber, wood, paper & cardboard waste, E-waste and textile waste etc. Different models are available in this machine series to meet different demand in shredding productivity. Compared to single-motor double shaft shredder, this single shaft shredder is more cost effective.

3. Single-motor double shaft shredder ( PS-D series )
This small double shaft shredder also has wide applications, including paper, wood, textile, metal drums, plastic, etc. Compared to single-motor single shaft shredder, it is ideal to shred tires, hard plastics and metal drums.

In conclusion , you should choose a right shredder based on your waste material, final output size, initial material size, required productivity, and surely also you financial budget. The team of PROSINO machinery is always ready to help if you have any size reduction requirement. Check our product range at

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