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Mini Shredder or Small Shredder in PROSINO

Mini shredder or small shredder is the ideal size reduction solution for small-scale recycling business or new recycling business. It is cost effective, and has small footprint and height. Such mini shredder or small shredder can also be applied in size reduction of many waste materials incl cardboard&paper, plastic, wood, rubber, E-waste and metal etc.

PROSINO has a complete shredding machines for different applications and different output purpose. We list some popular mini shredder or small shredder for your considerations:

Mini single shaft shredder or small single shaft shredder
PS-S-2250 mini shredder is the smallest single-motor single shaft shredder in PROSINO shredder range. This small shredder owns both rotating cutters and stationery cutters for effective shredding. It is for for multi-purpose shredding. You can simply throw your waste materials like PET bottle, paper waste or cardboard waste into hopper and the operation is quite easy. You can have an output estimate from 150kg/h to 250kg/h. Screen size can be customized as per need.

Mini double shaft shredder or small double shaft shredder
PS-D-2130 mini shredder is the smallest single-motor double shaft shredder in PROSINO shredder range. The high-torque cutting shaft makes shredder super powerful to cut off even very stubborn materials like tires, metal drums and plastic film etc. It is automatic operation and has PLC control which is easy for fault diagnosis and maintenance. This small double shaft shredder is applied in wide applications like HDPE container, rubber sheet, paper waste, wood, hard disk, CD or DVD and aluminum cans etc.

Mini granulator or small granulator
PS-C-M-1823 mini granulator is the smallest high-speed size reduction machine. It is ideal for granulating materials like plastic containers, wood, plastic pipes, rubber waste and paper waste. Cutting chamber can be opened or closed for convenient cleaning and maintenance. You can have two rotor options for tailoring to suit specific application and maximize output.

If you have any questions about mini shredders or small granulators, please contact us at and our professional PROSINO service team is always ready for help.

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