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Mini Granulator Machine

This PS-C-M-L series mini granulator features with its triangle blades. Compared to the traditional chop type blades, the triangle blade can more easily catch smooth & big or soft & stretching items, such as plastic bottles and containers, soft plastic bags, films, and tinfoil etc. contributed to the three sharp angles on each blade. For small-scale recycling facilities who are processing mainly hollow and soft plastic scraps or manufacturing plants that internationally generate those types of waste, this type of mini granulating machine is the ideal choice. Another advantage of this granulating machine is that the loading aperture is opened on top that makes the material feeding easier and more efficient. Also it is available as an inhouse size reduction machine because it has small footprint.

Granulating Application

1.       Plastic:   PET bottles, HDPE containers, soft plastic bags, plastic film

2.       Foil:   Tinfoil, aluminum foil   

Choose from our various models available, or contact us for a customized crushing solution.

Features of this mini granulator

–       Blades made of high-resistant steel

Ensuring longest usage times

–       Triangle-shaped blades

       Makes it easier to catch and bite smooth & big items or stretching objects

–       Hopper, cutting chamber, and discharging base are separable

Making it convenient for cleaning, parts replacement, and maintenance

–       Air extraction & collection system is optional

For conveniently collecting the final granules into bags or containers

–    Blades can be sharpened for several times after getting blunt 

To extend blades’ lifespan and save cost

–       Motor over-load protection and interlocking device

Well protects machine itself and ensures operator safety

Specifications of this mini granulator

Overall specifications are subject to change without notice. Prosino Granulator sales representative for your inquiry will give you the exact specifications for your quoted machine.

* Throughput rates are subject to your material’s nature, feed speed, and other variables of production outside the control of Prosino Granulator.

Dimensional Data

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