Rubber-belt Conveyor

<li>Acting both as feeding conveyors and discharging conveyors </li> <li>Simple and easy to operate with very little training or instruction required</li> <li>Cost-effectiveness </li>

Steel Chain Conveyor

<li>Simple and easy to operate with very little training or instruction required </li> <li>Large capacity facilitates transportation of heavy loads </li> <li>Saves labor time and cost </li> <li>Highly efficient and capable of long running times</li>

PVC-belt Conveyor

<li>Acting both as feeding conveyors and discharging conveyors </li> <li>Cost-effectiveness </li> <li>Lightweight design </li>

Wood Pallet Shredder

The machine includes the shredder itself and also a screw conveyor to deliver the discharge material. Production capacity is 20-30 pallets per hour. It is especially designed for the size reduction of wood pallets and plastic pallets. This pallet shredder plays a crucial role in recycling and waste management by transforming used or obsolete pallets into smaller, more manageable pieces. The shredded material can be repurposed for various applications, such as producing wood chips or mulch, contributing to resource recovery and sustainability.

Magnetic Metal Separator

<li>High magnetic field strength</li> <li>Strong suction</li> <li>Stable and reliable performance</li> <li>Low failure rate</li> <li>Easy maintenance</li>

Metal Detecting Machine

<li>High detecting sensitivity</li> <li>Capable of detecting various type of metal</li>

Bag-type Dust Collector

<li>High dust removal efficiency</li> <li>Simple structure</li> <li>Easy maintenance and operation</li> <li>Cost effective</li>

Pulse Dust Collector

<li>High dust removal efficiency</li> <li>Modular structure</li> <li>Versatile in handling a wide range of dust types and concentrations</li>

Pipe Granulator

Size reduction for plastic pipes and sheets. This equipment is commonly used in recycling and waste management processes, particularly in industries where plastic pipes or tubes need to be efficiently reduced in size for further processing. Pipe Granulators contribute to waste reduction and recycling efforts by transforming all kinds of pipes into manageable and uniform particles. These granules can be utilized for various applications, such as in the manufacturing of new plastic products or materials.


<li>Adjustable Bale Height</li> <li>Electric controlled</li> <li>Both vertical balers and horizontal balers are available for options</li> <li>Wide applications incl cardboard, paper, plastic, wood chips, fiber, textile and tires etc.</li>

Diesel Generator

PROSINO brand Shredders and granulators all need to be driven by three phase electric power. We often encounter that customers wish to buy our machinery, but due to their sites restrictions (e.g. remote area), there is no three phase power grid connection available in their places where the machines are to be installed. In this case, a diesel generator can help you solve the problem.

Floor Scale

<li>Low to the ground for easy and convenient weighing</li> <li>Skid-proof platform prevents slippage of materials</li> <li>Highly precise balance meter for accurate weighing</li> <li>Highly durable stainless steel construction</li>

PP Ton Bag

<li>High-strength polypropylene (PP) construction</li> <li>Suitable for packaging a wide variety of materials</li> <li>Moisture-proof and weather-resistant</li> <li>Uniform size makes it easy and convenient to store and transport</li> <li>Ideal for packaging many bales into one secure bag</li>

Shredding Fan

<li>Sturdy and resilient construction</li> <li>Large working capacity</li> <li>Large air flow</li> <li>High suction power</li> <li>Reliable, high-quality performance</li> <li>Can transmit paper pieces over a long distance, increasing working efficiency and saving time</li>

Wheelie Bin

<li>EN 840 COMPLIANT, HDPE UV-RESISTANT, CADMIUM-FREE</li> <li>Solid rubber wheels</li> <li>Heavy duty galvanized steel rod for auto lifting and dumping</li> <li>Available in stock</li> <li>Strong design and high mobility</li> <li>Resistant to heat, chemicals, and extreme weather conditions</li> <li>Close fitting lid prevents foul smells to escape and rainwater to seep through</li> <li>Uniform wall thickness</li> <li>1 color screen printing offered for your company’s individual iconography and markings</li> <li>Mechlift Bin Lifter compatible</li>

Air Extraction & Collection System

<li>Sturdy and resilient construction</li> <li>Large air-flow</li> <li>Convenient and efficient for material collection</li> <li>Small footprint</li> <li>Dust removal device is for option</li>

Silent Granulator

Size reduction for plastics and corrugated board trims. This specialized equipment is equipped with innovative features to minimize vibrations and sound emissions during the granulation process. Designed with noise-sensitive settings in mind, such as manufacturing facilities located near office spaces or research labs, silent granulators offer a balance between effective material processing and reduced noise pollution. The granules produced by silent granulators can be used for recycling or further manufacturing processes, making them valuable tools in industries where noise control is a crucial consideration.

Small Sized Granulator For Plastics and Foils

Size reduction for hollow plastic containers and plastic foils. Despite its small footprint, this granulator is equipped with robust cutting mechanisms specifically engineered for the effective breakdown of plastics and foils. It is capable of transforming plastic waste and thin foils into uniform granules, facilitating recycling and waste reduction efforts. It is user-friendly, allowing for easy operation and maintenance. The granulated output produced by this machine can be utilized in various applications, contributing to sustainable practices by repurposing plastic waste and foils.

Small Sized Plastic Granulator / Plastic Grinder

Size reduction for soft plastics, molding plastic such as purgings etc. It is a compact and efficient industrial machine designed for the granulation of plastic materials in smaller-scale operations. Its size and portability make it particularly suitable for settings where space is limited, such as laboratories, small manufacturing facilities, or research environments. The machine's design emphasizes user-friendliness, allowing for easy operation and maintenance.

Medium and Large Granulator

A Medium and Large Granulator represents a robust and versatile industrial machine designed for efficient size reduction of various materials on a medium to large scale. These granulators are engineered to handle diverse materials, including plastics, rubber, paper waste, wood, and more, making them essential in recycling facilities and industrial settings. They are capable of processing substantial volumes of materials, breaking them down into uniform granules.

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