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Plastic Runner Crusher Machine

Runner is the channel cut into the mold. So it can allow plastic material to flow from nozzle to cavity. It has great impact on part formation. Hot runners and cold runners are two main type of runner systems. Plastic runner here refers to cold runner which are cut along the parting line of a mold. It is cooled by the mold, solidify and are ejected from the mold during each molding cycle. Plastic runners are always granulated and recycled into the process. So plastic runner crusher is an ideal solution for granulating plastic runners into small pieces.

Plastic runner crusher machines in the market

Plastic runner crusher can be either shredders or granulators in various models. Single shaft shredder, mini granulator, medium and large granulator are all available size reduction machines for plastic runners. In most cases, mini or small size granulator is the most popular crushing machine to crush plastic runners into very small sizes. Because it quite suits the crushing requirements from plastic runners. This machine is flexible to move and meet the small size shredding capacity in each cycle. Also it has much lower purchase cost compared to other type of shredders and has small footprint for very easy installation. The final product size can be customized because you can choose the desired screen size.

PROSINO plastic runner crushers

PROSINO plastic single shaft shredders and plastic granulators are both ideal to reduce the plastic runner size to small ideal size. If you have large amount of plastic runners and final product size is about 40mm, we propose to use a single shaft shredder for efficient shredding. But if you have large amount of plastic runners and final product size is only 12mm, our large granulator will be the right choice. You can also add a conveyor for easy material feeding if you want. If you do not such big size of plastic runners for crushing, small size grinder is the way to go. Contact PROSINO team for your ideal plastic runner crushing solution.

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