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Injection Sprue Granulator Machine

What is injection sprue granulator?
Injection sprue granulator is for cutting waste sprue into smaller granules. This kind of granulator normally works beside an injection machine. Once sprue is availble in the injection machine, Robot arm takes it out and place directly into a granulator. Thereafter, the plastic particles from the granulator will become good quality raw material again, because sprue waste is almost new material.

What type of granulator to choose for injection plant?
There are small granulators and big granulators. Injection plant normally chooses a small granulator for handling the sprue. Beause the waste from each injection isn’t too big.
There are forceful granulators and also silent granulators. Injection plants prefer silent granulators for handligng the sprue waste. The forceful granulator makes very big noise, more than 85dB. Hence, such noise is too big for the workers to accept. The silent granulators make only 75dB noise more or less, so you don’t feel it noisy at all when standing next to it.

Does PROSINO have proper granulator for sprue?
The answer is yes. PROSINO’s silent granulator is a typical granulator for handling injection sprue. There are total 3 models available, and the main motor power is 2.2 kw, 3.7 kw and 7.5 kw respectively. Based on the quantity of sprue that you need to dispose per hour, you can choose a proper model. Screen mesh size is customizable, ranging from 6mm to 20mm. Normally the smaller granules, the better it is for reycling purpose. Besides the silent granulators, PROSINO’s non-silent granulator can also handle sprue. Non-silent granulator is much less costly than silent granulator. If your budget is not much, you can choose to buy a non-silent one.

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