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Injection Molding Material Granulator

What is injection molding material? 

Injection molding is a manufacturing process that forms liquid or pliable raw material into usable shaped parts. Plastic is one major raw material that is used through injection molding machines to form into many products such as bottles, buckets, pens, caps, automotive dashboards, toys, chairs, tables, storage containers, tooth brushes and many other plastic products available today.

Why recycling injection molding material? 

From injection molding and extrusion process, a large quantity of waste material is generated through molding machines, such as sprues, runners, excess parison material and reject parts. These waste plastic ranges from small pieces to large blocks, and quality of these plastic waste is almost as good as new plastic raw material, thus properly recycling these injection molding material greatly saves resources. Thus an injection molding material granulator is a must-have machine for its recycling process.

Injection molding material recycling

Waste injection molding material usually is in very solid and hard pieces, so shredding or crushing is the initial recycling process of these scraps. For large injection molding material, it is usually shredded by a single-shaft shredder – actually the plastic block is shaved into plastic flakes by the high-speed cutting rotor of the single-shaft shredder. The shredded pieces are then further granulated using injection molding material granulator. For small molding scraps, it can be directly granulated. The granulated pieces after further cleaning and drying becomes regrind. Using regrind is a great way to reduce cost, optimize material usage, and reduce demand on natural resources.

Injection molding material granulator from PROSINO

PROSINO specializes in providing size reduction machinery and solutions. All our machines are CE certified. We have various different types and sizes injection molding material granulators available. If you are looking for injection molding granulator, contact PROSINO team today for the optimal machine that suits your requirements.

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