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Injection Molding Crusher Machine

What is injection molding crusher?

Injection molding crusher is the important peripheral machine of injection molding machine. It crushes or granulates the plastic scraps from injection molding, blow molding and extrusion forming into particles for recycling purpose. So it can help to recycle the defective products and leftover materials produced by injection molding machines. It has compact structure to ensure easy operation and maintenance. Different sizes of injection molding crushers with different diameter screen have different level of capacity. So the purchasing cost is quite different from each other.

The types of injection molding crushers

Injection molding crushers can be classified into different types as below:

  1. – For different sizes of crushers, injection molding crushers can be from mini plastic crusher, medium size plastic crusher to large size plastic crusher for different capacity requirements.
  2. – From different noise level, both normal noise level crusher and silent crusher are optional.
  3. – From running speed of the machine, crusher can be low speed, medium speed or high speed injection molding crusher.

PROSINO injection molding crushers

PROSINO has a complete line of injection molding crushers for different choices. For different capacity requirements, we can provide different size of crushers and customize the screen size to suit your ideal final product size. For injection molding crushing purpose, small size granulator is the most popular. It is movable and only requires low investment for each production line. Also you can choose either normal noise granulator or silent granulator per your actual working environment. Furthermore different sizes of screen can be tailored to achieve ideal final particle size. So if you have any injection molding scraps for size reduction, just contact PROSINO team to tailor your needs and find the most suitable plastic crusher for you.

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