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Plastic Block Shredder Machine

Nowadays we are facing big plastic pollution which already become a worldwide issue. How to reduce the growing mountain of plastic in landfills? Plastic blocks refer to injection molded blocks and other blocks in plastic. Normally they are hard and have different shapes. How to recycle or reuse them to reduce the environmental impact of plastic? One solution is to transform the plastic block waste into construction material and use them to build house. If not, we need to consider the size reduction of plastic blocks first before further recycling. Then a plastic block shredder machine comes to work.

Plastic block shredder machines in the market

Plastic blocks have different shapes and sizes. So there are versatile plastic shredders available to shred plastic blocks into small pieces. These shredders mainly consists of machine frame, motor, speed reducer, transmission system and shredding cutters etc. In order to control the size of final particles, screen mesh can be equipped to achieve your ideal product size after shredding. The rotor structure and cutters are important factors to determine the shredding efficiency and result. Normally shredding blade edges are made of hard alloy after special hardness treatment and wear proof. The blades are replaceable. Also the changing and repairing of blades are not difficult for most shredders. How to select your ideal plastic block shredder? Low consumption, high output and advanced technology are the main concerns.

PROSINO plastic block shredders

PROSINO brand shredders provides a wide range of size reduction machines for shredding plastic blocks. Either single shaft shredder or double shaft shredder is available to shred plastic blocks. But for injection molding plastic blocks, single shaft shredder is preferable because its main shaft speed is much quicker than that of double shaft shredder. So the working efficiency is much higher. If you need a much smaller final size which is below 10mm for example, plastic block granulator or grinder is the ideal option. So contact PROSINO team to find your best suitable plastic block shredder today.

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