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HDPE Lumps Shredder Machine

What are HDPE lumps?

HDPE stands for high density polyethylene and has a plastic recycling code of 2. It is a tough, hard wearing plastic with high tensile strength. So it has wide applications in common consumer products such as pipes, crates, pallets, wheelie bins, bottles like milk and fruit juice bottles, garbage containers, snack food packaging, carrier bags, drums and barrels etc.. Due to its excellent water barrier and chemical resistance properties, it is also quite popular in many packaging applications such as household and industrial chemicals packages. HDPE lumps are raw granulated sheets that do not compromise on the quality of the developed products and last long.

HDPE lumps shredder in HDPE lumps recycling

Because HDPE is quite popular in injection molding and light weight products which are cheaper and easier to transport. So HDPE lumps can find their uses in many plastic manufacturers. You can sort them per similar shapes, forms and colors. Then you can use the HDPE lumps shredder to shred HDPE lumps into small pieces. If the final sizes are not small enough, you can even use a granulator to granulate them into smaller particles. Then these particles can be melted down to further refine the polymer and cooled into pellets for new HDPE product manufacturing. Also recycling facility can use a baler to compress the waste to save transportation cost. Such HDPE lumps recycling greatly reduces the amount in filling landfills, protects the environment, save resources and create new economic cash flow.

PROSINO HDPE lumps shredders

PROSINO brand size reduction machines cover different kind of HDPE lumps shredders and granulators with many models to suite different capacity requirements. Generally speaking, our single shaft shredders are the most popular shredders for HDPE shredding. If you are looking for a single HDPE lumps shredder or a complete closed loop HDPE recycling solution, you can contact PROSINO team directly.

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