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Plastic Lumps Shredder Machine

Plastic lumps are widely available in molding products and plastic processing industry. They come from white pali, pp bags as well as raffia bags etc. Also it is very hard and not easy for further processing without size reduction. So plastic lumps shredder machines are the ideal solution to shred hard plastic lumps into small pieces for easy handling.

Plastic lumps shredder machines in the market

Since plastic lumps are very hard materials, not all the shredders are suitable for this type of material. But the single shaft structure and cutters design are good solution. Because single shaft shredder normally has high speed rotary cutter along with a hydraulic-driven movable press-plate of cutter. It can shred plastic lumps in a super efficient way. There are many shredder manufacturers in the market who have their own right machine to handle plastic lumps. Although different plastic lumps shredders from different manufacturers have a bit different in their designs, they still have something in common as below:

1. Such plastic lumps shredder installs a hydraulic-driven press plate which can hold materials quite close to high-speed rotary cutter. So this design can greatly improve the shredding efficiency.

2. Plastic lumps shredder also has PLC control system to make it reliable and safe working.

3. Rotary blades materials normally are high-resistant steel such as SKDII. Also they have four edges and you can use 4 times by changing the fixed side. So this design save you the operation cost and reduce the downtime.

4. Rotor automatic corotation and reversal design can protect materials from getting stuck in the cutting chamber.

5. Screen sizes are flexible if you have special final product size requirements.

PROSINO plastic lumps shredders

PROSINO brand single shaft shredders are all workable for shredding plastic lumps in a cost effective and efficient way. We have different power motors to suit different requirements. Of course, different input and output size of materials and shredding capacity will requires different size and power shredders to achieve your final result. Contact PROSINO team to recycle the plastic lumps from injection and extrusion production today.

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