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LCP Plastic Circular Block Granulator Machine

What is LCP plastic circular block?

LCP is the short name for Liquid Crystal Polymer. It is a new type of high performance special engineering plastics which developed in the early 1980s. This kind of material has excellent heat resistance and molding properties. LCP also has excellent electrical insulation performance. Its dielectric strength is higher than other general engineering plastics. Under the continuous use temperature 200-300 degrees centigrade, the electrical performance of LCP material is in effect. The intermittent operating temperature can reach up to 316 degrees centigrade. LCP plastic circular block granulator is to granulate the LCP plastic circular blocks into ideal size final product for recycling or reuse.

What are the applications of LCP plastic?

Electrical and electronic is the main market for LCP. It is usually available for making printed circuit board. They can be also available in producing electronics parts of satellite, parts for jet engines and automobiles. We can also see it in the medical area. The LCP material can be used as an alternative to many materials for saving cost or improving performance. For example, it can be used as the encapsulation material for coils to replace the original resin material; it can instead the fiberglass material which be used to make the outside panels of the spacecrafts or the outside braking systems of cars.

LCP plastic circular block granulator in LCP plastic circular block recycling

LCP plastic circular block granulator can crush the LCP plastic circular blocks into sizes like 10mm, 15mm,etc. The end products size is controlled by the screen of the LCP plastic circular block granulator. If you need various sizes, you can equip different screens to get the sizes you need. The size of the LCP plastic circular blocks before shredding determines the feed opening size and the power of the granulator. If your LCP plastic circular block before shredding is around 130*80 mm, you need to make sure the feed opening of the granulator is big enough for feeding this block in firstly. Then you need to make sure the motor power of the granulator is at least bigger than 15kw. Otherwise, it is not powerful enough to crush the blocks because these blocks are solid.

PROSINO LCP plastic circular block granulator

PROSINO size reduction machines have many different models of granulators for granulating LCP plastic circular blocks. If you feed blocks one by one by hand, our small size granulator should be enough for your capacity requirements. But if you have large capacity requirements, you should go for our large size granulator. So please send our PROSINO team your own size reduction requirements, we will tailor your case and recommend the most suitable granulator.

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