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Glass Crusher Machine

Million tons of glass is generated as municipal waste each year and about one fourth of glass can be recycled and the rest go to landfill. Waste glass recycling helps to save energy for generating new glass. Glass crusher is the size reduction machine which aims to crush various waste glass in form of glass sheets, containers, jars and bottles. It can crush the glass into small particles, fibers, and powders, etc. Glass crushers come in a range of sizes and it is a part of an integrated glass recycling system.

What are the advantages of recycling glass?

Recycling the glass has many advantages such as eco-friendly to environment, cost and energy saving, space saving, etc. The main advantage of it is to reduce pollution and produce materials for recycled glass products. Crushed glass has many new solutions and below are some typical ones:

1. Crushed glass can replace sand as a stable filler material in concrete projects and makes for strong construction sites. Glass mulch is a good garden landscaping material too.

2. Crushed glass can be available as nontoxic abrasive for etching or cleaning a surface.

3. Crushed glass is a good filter media to filter water on a large scale.

How does glass crusher work?

The first step of recycling is to collect and sort the glass. In this way, the waste glass will be gathered in one place and reduce the possibilities of the contact between discarded glass and people. Glass crusher is the machine for pulverizing glass during glass recycling process.

When feeding the glass into the glass crusher, the glass will fall into a high speed rotating impeller and been crushed to several pieces. Some parts of the glass will stay near the impeller. Under the force of the high speed centrifugal, the glass pieces in different positions will crash onto each other. After several times of collision and friction, the crushed glass will drop off from the machine.

The glass crusher is with the features of small footprint, easy and safe operation, low energy consumption and noise, high output and large processing capacity. It is not only widely used in industrial area, but also commonly used in bars, hotels, etc. It can help us to break the wine bottles in time to prevent old wine bottles from been going back to the market. 

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