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Glass Bottle Crusher Machine

The raw materials of glass bottles are sand, limestone, soda ash, cullet as well as various additives. The glass bottles can vary in different sizes and most of them are ranging between about 200 millilitres and 1.5 litres. They have wide applications in food condiments, soda liquor, cosmetics, pickling and preservatives etc. But when these large amount of glass bottles become scrap or broken items, how to turn your waste glass bottles green? Recycling these glass bottles is one of the most useful environmental and sustainable practices around the world. Glass bottle crusher as the important size reduction machine plays essential role in whole recycling process.

How to recycle waste glass bottles?

Waste glass bottles accounts for a good percentage of the garbage by weight in the worldwide. But it is luckily, glass can be repeated recycled without losing its quality or strength. You can use a suitable glass bottle crushers to crush the glass bottles into small cullet. Then glass manufacturers can use cullet to produce new glass items and it also reduce their production cost as well. Most of the cullet goes to the container industry to make new bottles and jars. Only small amount of post consumer recycled glass are used by fiberglass manufacturers. This is because they realize smaller savings or cost reductions when using cullet. Of course, recycled glass can have much wider applications. For example, low-quality cullet with mixed glass colors and high contamination levels can be used in concrete and glasphalt as construction fill.

PROSINO glass bottle crusher

PROSINO glass bottle crusher machines have the multi feed hopper and can reduce your volume by up to 80%. They are easy to fill. Also they have many safety features. Variable size cullet is available per your requirement. So contact PROSINO team to help you to reduce your glass volumes.

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