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Garment Shredder

Garment shredder is also named clothing shredder or textile shredder. It is a size reduction machine that used to shred textiles like shoes, rags, and fiber etc. Garment shredder normally is composed of shredding mechanism and bracket with high quality and durable blades. PROSINO swing-arm single shaft shredder and double shaft shredder are both fine for different kind of garment shredding purpose.


Why we need garment shredder?

Garment shredder is a very helpful size reduction machine in garment recycling. Speaking of garment recycling, people always thinking of garment balers. It can bale used clothes/garment donated or re-sold to the place where people who do not able to afford new clothes. So it gives new value to the used garments. Some people do not quite understand the value of garment shredder. It seems that using the garment shredder to shred the used garment is a totally waste. Because the shredder will destroy the garment and shred them to pieces. So shredded garment could not be able to used anymore. In fact, that is a misunderstanding. Garment shredder is as important as balers in garment recycling industry.

As we all know that, there is a very critical step in garment recycling is sorting. Garment can be  further separated into several groups for different recycling purpose. Some of the garment can be reused. So they are baled and sent to places where people need it. Some of the garment which is in good condition can even be sent to second-hand shop for re-selling. The rest scraps are shredded by garment shredder to much smaller pieces for next processing. For example, the scraps sent to the flocking industry are used to produce filling material for furniture padding, panel linings, loudspeaker cones, and car insulation.


What is the benefit of garment recycling?

Garment recycling is helpful to the environment by keeping the used clothes scraps out of landfill. It contributes to global warming and saves natural resources for new garment. The recovery of textiles also creates new jobs opportunities and economic benefits.


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