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Clothes Shredder Machine

Clothes recycling

Clothes recycling is a part of textile recycling. Each year a lot of used clothes are waiting for disposal. Due to environment awareness and landfill pressure, it is necessary to sort them out for reuse or recycling. Various charities also contribute their efforts through used clothes collection programs. How to recycle used clothes?

  1. classify used clothes into reuse, rags and fiber.

A good amount of garments can be reused. They can be exported to developing countries or sold in thrift shops domestically. The rest rags and fiber will be baled for recycling process.

  1. Sort out rags and fiber in different items for different recycling solution

Normally only highly experienced and skilled workers can do it well because different items have different recycling and process solution. For example, you can sort natural textiles in term of color. So there is no need to re-dying. When used clothes are torn into fibers, they can be processed for use in mattress production or produce filling materials for furniture padding, panel linings, loudspeaker cones and car insulation etc. If it is polyester-based material clothes, the recycling process will be quite different. When removing zippers and buttons, it needs to shred clothes into small fabrics and then granulated and extruded into pellets for new product production.


Why shred used clothes?

Whatever clothes are processed for mattress production, filling materials or producing pellets, you can see shredding clothes into small particles is an essential step during the recycling process. Such kind of recycling greatly releases landfill pressure, saves natural resource and creates new jobs for economy. As the new development in recycling technologies, we believe we can maximize the value of recovered material and contribute more for environment and economy.


PROSINO clothes shredder machines

PROSINO brand size reduction machines cover several type of shredders and granulators to reduce the size for used clothes. These clothes shredders or granulators are easy to operate and maintain. Contact our PROSINO team for case by case recommendation if you have any clothes shredding requirements.


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