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Retail Clothes Hangers Shredder Machine

Clothes hangers can be in a number of different materials. But the most common materials are metal wire, plastic and wood. All of these materials have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to functionality, longevity and sustainability. Also different material retail clothes hangers have their own recycling solutions. How to recycle retail clothes hangers? A retail clothes hangers shredder can be a good help.

How to recycle different material clothes hangers?

Metal wire hangers, plastic hangers and wood hangers are the most common hangers in our daily life. They have wide applications in retail clothes store, supermarket, shopping mall and our homes. When these hangers are at the end of life, please think about reduce, reuse and recycle them.

For example, it is quite possible that metal hangers can be accepted for donation. If not, steel is still the most common recyclable material. So you can find many scrap metal recycler to collect them.

For plastic hangers, they accounts for the majority market of the hangers. But unluckily, almost 85% plastic hangers end up in landfills. This is because it is not easy to find someone who can accept them. Also plastic hangers may be manufactured in different category of plastics and it is not easy for people to identify and separate them. If same material plastic hangers can be collected or we can find ways to sort out different plastics, we can use a retail clothes hangers shredder to shred them into small pieces. Finally these small articles can be smelt and extruded to plastic pellets for new plastic production.

For wood hangers, a reuse market is feasible since wood hangers normally are in higher quality and best suited for coats.

So not all the hangers are recyclable in real life. Even for recyclable hangers, it is quite important to remove any paper, lightweight cardboard, foam or yarn wrapped around the hangers before taking them to recycling.

Nowadays more and more manufacturers are encouraged to manufacture more sustainable hangers for better recycling purpose. So both manufacturers and purchasers will think more on the hanger durability and recycling options.

PROSINO retail clothes hangers shredder

PROSINO brand shredders have wide options to shred or granulate different materials hangers into small pieces. So just send our team about your material, capacity and final size requirement, we will recommend the most suitable retail clothes hangers shredder or granulator for your case.

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