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Uniaxial Shredder / Uniaxial Shredding Machine

What is Uniaxial Shredder?

Uniaxial shredder is also called uniaxial shredding machine, single shaft shredder or one shaft shredder. It is an industrial multi-purpose shredding machine which has very wide shredding applications. The final shredded size can be defined by the fitted screen size. The shredded pieces can also pass to granulator for further size reduction purpose.


Applications of Uniaxial Shredder

This uniaxial shredder can be operated in a wide range of applications and industries. Below are main examples:

  1. – Cardboard & paper waste
  2. – All kinds of plastics including plastic lumps, plastic pipes, plastic films, PET bottles, foam scrap, woven bags and molding plastics etc.
  3. – Wood waste
  4. – E-waste
  5. – Rubber waste
  6. – Textile waste


Uniaxial Shredder Features and Advantages

  1. – Shredder’s rotating blades can be replaced easily and quickly by unscrewing just one bolt. This is greatly saving operation cost and reduce downtime.
  2. – This rotor design allows uniaxial shredder to be suitable in wide range of waste materials.
  3. – High speed operation compared to two rotor shredder
  4. – Hydraulic-driven pusher can push materials close to the cutter for more efficient shredding.
  5. – Screen size can be customized for your final product requirements.
  6. – This shredder is very easy to operate. ‘Auto mode’ function can be selected for fully automatic operation.
  7. – Rotor has auto-reverting function to protect machine when materials in the cutting chamber get stuck.
  8. – The cutter can be adjustable to suit your specific material shredding purpose.


Uniaxial Shredder in PROSINO

PROSINO has a complete range of uniaxial shredders. We have many standard and popular uniaxial shredding machine models for options. You can also choose to tailor your own uniaxial shredding machine based on your specific shredding requirements. From general recycling to RDF (refuse derived fuels), from paper waste to plastic waste, PROSINO is proven as an experienced size reduction machine expert in many different industries.


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